Post-Vacation Blues

Whenever I return home from a trip or vacation I have a short case of depression paired with a large desire to travel more and a whole lot of questioning my life choices and the direction that I am going in. I know I’m not alone in these feelings as I’ve had many a conversation with friends and acquaintances about their wanderlust upon returning home.

It’s almost 10pm, I’m sipping on a Coke Zero (gasp, I know but there is nowhere to get a coffee), my eyes are barely open and the estimated arrival to my front door is 3am. My alarm will be sounding at  5:30 for work in the morning. I’m sitting in the Fort Myers Airport waiting for my plane to land that has been delayed three hours so that I can return home to my “real life”. I’ve just spent the last 4 days in the Florida; no wonder a return to the less than ideal New York climate sends me into a depression.

What’s different tonight is that I have anticipated this return home for the last 48 hours and have started to question why it is that after a relaxing vacation I dread a return home. What is it about New York that makes me unhappy? What do I truly want MORE of? And what changes can I make in my life so that a vacation can be enjoyed but a return home to routine is not dreaded? My fiance often asks me why I always feel the need to go somewhere and my response is always that the need to travel has been deep rooted, it’s a part of my being to see and experience other places. But I wonder how much of it is a desire to experience the rest of the world and how much of it is a desire to escape my own world.

This awareness alone has already decreased my post-vacation blues…

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