Originally posted Sept 13, 2017


Three months ago I found out I was pregnant. It was not planned (I’m a big planner) and I was not at all excited(I’m slowly getting there). I was about to enter the most stressful time of the year with the close of the school year and the Competition that I plan each year for CrossFit 845 just 6 weeks away. It was crunch time but the light at the end of the tunnel was that come June 26th life was about to calm down A LOT. I had just given up my full time teaching job the week before, so that I could focus on building my Health Coaching business.

But at 5am on a Saturday while I was home alone that little stick read “Pregnant” in clear digital letters and my life is forever changed. There was panic for sure and lots of unanswered questions: where will we live, how will I work, when will we get married, do I even want kids?  But then I started to look at it as a sign from God that I really needed to SLOW down and FOCUS on implementing all my plans and achieving the goal.

Everyone always asks, “How are you feeling? Have you been sick? Was it hard to cut so many things our of your diet? Are you having any weird cravings?”

In reality pregnancy has been pretty easy. In the first trimester I had some early morning nausea, nothing an english muffin with some Kerrygold irish butter couldn’t fix but those days are long gone. Then the second trimester hit and I was getting nightly headaches (apparently a normal symptom) but just a dull ache that I was able to sleep off. Then one day that turned into a massive migraine that could not be relieved. They say it’s safe to take certain pain-killers up until various stages of pregnancy but I was very hesitant and not wanting to take that risk. I tried food, I tried water, I tried sleep, I tried quiet, I tried massage, I tried eucalyptus essential oil on my temples but none of that was working. Eventually I caved to modern medicine. After the migraine episode I was able to pay close attention to my diet and sleep habits to find the trigger to my pains. The culprit… too much time between meals. I’ve found that even if I don’t feel  hungry that I needed to have a small snack before or after lunch to get me through the day pain free.

As far as diet changes, alcohol and raw fish are the only things that have been eliminated. My dairy consumption, however, has increased A LOT. I wouldn’t  call it a craving but more of a convenience with the increased need to “snack” and my body seems to be handling it well. I shop for mostly organic and grass-fed varieties. I’ve also been a bit of a nacho and taco fanatic (as seen on my instagram).  I’ve always been a tex-mex lover though, but you can call it a craving if you want.

While the summer has been a little crazy and my exercise routine hasn’t exactly been a routine I have continued to CrossFit and plan to continue until the day this little bundle of joy arrives. The plan moving forward is two days a week of lifting and two days of metcons, listening to my body and modifying as necessary.

Stay tuned for more on what’s working for my pregnancy and my plans as I prepare for motherhood.

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